Pete Lashley

Pete Lashley - Lake District based singer-songwriter

Southern Upland

Southern Upland
Release Year: 2002



Pay For It Later

On The Eve


Southern Upland 

Jacob's Creek

Big Fish


Closer To You

You Take What You Make

I Don't Want To Leave

"Southern Upland" was recorded in 2002. It followed an extensive 6 month journey Pete undertook touring New Zealand and Australia in 2000/01. With invaluable help from long-time musician friend Carl Iredale (Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bazouki etc), the 11 tracks together produce a beautifully crafted and extremely pleasurable album. The 'lost at sea in the dark' feel of 'Big Fish' and the feverish rockabilly 'Martians' are just a couple of the many highlights on this CD.

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